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Below is a list of some of the services we provide. Not everything we do is covered by the list, so if you have any questions be sure to call our office today.

Teeth are an important part of overall body health. Although you may not realize it, the health of your gums and teeth are actually related to many other vital organs, such as the heart. The nerves in teeth are also very sensitive to pain. Having poor dental hygiene can really make for some unpleasant experiences. Luckily, Albuquerque dentist specialists offer full service dental treatments. We focus on treatments and solutions to your teeth problems, but we also make sure that we practice prevention as much as anything else. We want to make you as comfortable as possible and the only way we know how is to clean those teeth! Below we will detail an overview of some of the services that we offer to our beloved patients.

Albuquerque Dentist: Prevention Techniques

The most important part about dentistry is prevention and every dentist will tell you the same thing. If you can prevent any tooth decay and serious problems then you will never have to worry about rectifying an unpleasant situation.

One key to prevention is regular cleanings. Brushing your teeth is an excellent way to keep your teeth clean and healthy, but a dentist’s touch is special. Using the expensive tools at his disposal, a dentist can rid your teeth of large amounts of bacteria that may be causing disease or plaque.

Our dentists also recommend using fluoride toothpaste and other methods to make sure your mouth is happy and healthy all year round. Hopefully you will not have to visit our Albuquerque dentists too often if you maintain these prevention techniques on a regular basis.

Emergency Dental Care in Albuquerque

Even with preventative methods we know that there will be times when you need emergency care. Our Albuquerque dentist offices are available in any type of emergency. Please let us know exactly what we can do to help. We have years of experience in emergency dental work and we know firsthand how much pain it can cause. If you are in pain, then you should contact us immediately so that we may help.

Albuquerque Dentists: Affordability

In addition to our great prevention and emergency care, we also offer an affordability that is unheard of at other Albuquerque orthodontist’s offices. Our care is excellent and yet we charge only a fraction of what other local dentists charge. We believe in helping people rid themselves of mouth pain as best as possible. We also think that the dentistry should not cost too much either. We provide discounted dentures for elders and kids. Importantly, we take many different forms of insurance to better serve our patients.

New Mexico Dentist Services

Here, our Albuquerque dentists provide the best services in the state of New Mexico. We help you to prevent any teeth problems by maintaining a healthy regimen, but we also help you survive the worst and most painful emergencies. Additionally, we want to make sure that we are affordable enough so that we can offer care to patients from all over. Please contact us today and let us know how we can make your mouth cleaner and healthier!


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